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FG is the first site and service offering first class French-English translation of notes, articles, technical manuals, reports and theses in the Geosciences and ICT domains. 

We privilege professional human translation carried out by experts with several years of experience in practical geosciences and ICT as well as proven track record in translating scientific articles published in renowned peer reviewed journals.

Our client base starts with low income students to seasoned professionals because we offer best quality result at the lowest market price, so don’t let income be a barrier.

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Some of our recent projects

Translation from French to English

Geochemistry of amphibolite, gneiss and granite from the Ngaye region (Northern Cameroon): Implications for Au-PGE Exploration (Client: Assomo Ngono Gaelle Sandra- Junior Research Officer, IRGM / PhD student University of Yaounde-1)

Lithologic and Structural Mapping of the Abiete-Toko Gold District Southern Cameroon, Using Landsat-7ETM+/SRTM. (Cleint: Binal Mandeng Eugene Pascal- Junior Research Officer, IRGM / PhD student University of Yaounde-1) Note: This article has been published in Compte Rendu Geoscience, and Elsevier publishing house

Age and Paleoenvironment Determination of the Tectono-Metamophic Events in the Ngovayang Eburnean Chain (NEC), North-Western Congo Craton, South Cameroon-(Client: Ndong Bidzang Francois-Senior Research Officer, IRGM / Head of Geology Department EGEM Meiganga)

Spatiotemporal Runoff Evolution in the Sanaga Drainage Basin, Centre Region, Cameroon (Client:  Amidou Kpoumie, Academia University of Douala)

A Multi-Sensor spatial data for wetland flash-flood monitoring in Southern Morocco (Client:  Sofia Hakdaoui, Academia  University Mohamed V-Morocco)

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