Full range digital field notebook


Field geologist is an android application designed to replace the traditional geological field notebook. It is a digital field notebook used in recording field data on igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks in outcrop or core sections as well as alluvial and stream sediments during field geologic mapping. Field Geologist works offline and runs on consumer-grade android (all android versions) phones and tablets. The recorded information is grouped automatically as individual projects that can be saved either internally to device or any external drive and digital data base. The data can ultimately be exported in Excel (CSV) format, saved to device share or transferred to the PC or other devices in a single click using any transfer media such as Bluetooth, Xender, and Whatsapp etc.

Key Features:

  • 1) An Intuitive and Easy Interface:

    The app is made up of one main simple and intuitive interface with three sub divisions (designated A, B and C).

  • 2) Full Range App

    The app host a rich list of options that cover all the main geological materials (Rock core and hand specimen as well as stream and alluvial sediments)

  • 3) Standard Pre-designed data Sheets:

    - Each option chosen has easy to fill (by typing or choosing from a list) data sheets designed by seasoned experienced field geologist making sure the user knows exactly the important parameters to record.
    - Pictures for outcrops and beds can be taken within the app and saved in the app folder which can be easily accessed at any time

  • 4) An Impressive Tools Menu:

    The tools menu (Directly accessible in all the options) host numerous illustrations, charts and rock catalogues which serve as an additional guide to help limit the errors made in the field. It can easily be accessed from all the different data sheets by clicking on icon

  • 5) Intelligent data management system

  • 6) Exported Stream Sediment Data in CSV format:

New (version 1.0.2)

  • Updates export interface.

  • Fixes multiple bugs.

  • Get Longitude and Latitude from device GPS (Location Permission Required)

  • Receive Notification for Jobs, Scholarships and Geoscience Articles.


Items Free (Trial) Pro
Rocks Limited to 2 outcrops Full Access
Core Limited to 2 outcrops Full Access
Sediments Limited to 2 outcrops Full Access
Add beds Limited to 2 outcrops Full Access
Add outcrops Limited to 2 outcrops Full Access
Device Camera Limited to 2 outcrops Full Access
Device GPS Limited to 2 outcrops Full Access
Tools Limited few charts Full Access
Data Back-up Limited to 2 outcrops Yes
Export Data to CSV Limited to 2 outcrops Yes
Import CSV Data Limited to 2 outcrops Yes
Geology Job adverts Limited Yes
Scholarships Limited Yes
Geology Articles Limited Yes
Rock catalogues and charts Limited Full Access
Ads Limited Ads No Ads
Price (USD) Free 4.00

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